Welcome to give the lady what she wants, a blog consisting primarily of one man’s musings on female power and leadership, as manifested in women’s relationships with men.


I’ve had this blog for much longer than it’s been readily accessible because I’ve been completely daunted by the task I mean to take on here. I’m still daunted, and not ready even at this moment to write a real post, but now that I’ve pointed my domain to this blog I feel I should at least put something here so visitors know it’s not completely dead, and that it might actually feature some content of interest someday (soon).

And inspired as I am by Penelope Trunk’s great example, I mean to tell it like it is here, even when the way it is is not particularly “professional” or polished or otherwise flattering to me. I mean to place honesty before image, and to that end I’m posting this entry that really doesn’t say much beyond, “yikes,” and that the blog is, in fact, open for business…or whatever it is that blogs open for. Discourse. Education. Edification. (A)musement.

And for now, that’s all. If you’d like to subscribe and be notified when new posts happen, please feel free to subscribe using the subscription-y form thingy just below the header image, and we’ll be in touch. Thanks for stopping by!


About Ian

There are three kinds of people: those who can count and those who can't.
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2 Responses to welcome

  1. John Smith says:

    Your link for the Real Women Don’t Do Housework does not seem to work any more.
    A working link can be found at http://www.rwddh.com

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